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Our team drove down to Fort Erie on July 5th to show our support for the people of Fort Erie and to join them in calling for the return of their Urgent Care Clinic overnight hours.

We also discussed a Mayoral Alliance and improved our connection with the Yellow Shirt Brigade, led by Joy Russell and her family.

Thanks to Richard Hatton at Niagara this Week for reporting on the day.

“We have a government in place that wants to privatize our health care, and that’s going to affect who? It’s going to affect lives in our community but more important, it’s going to affect seniors. What the hell are we doing?”

Wayne Gates, MPP

Nicholls said the situation in Minden isn’t that much different than what is going on in Niagara. When the ER was shut down there, it came as a shock. “They did not consult with anybody,” he said.

Jeff Nicholls, member of