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  • Deficits, Ontario Hospitals, and You

    Deficits, Ontario Hospitals and You Post premise: There is absolutely no way the deficit swing that occurred for 102 hospitals between FY22 and FY23 can be kept from public scrutiny. This post comes after we audited Ontario Hospital’s audited financial statements for FY22 and FY23. We found a 209% increase in the number of hospitals…

  • Fiscal management and Minden’s unprecedented Emergency Department closure

    “In my country, this would not be possible. This could literally not happen.” Student, Health Informatics, George Brown College, Toronto As guest lecturers, we heard variations of this many times during and after our presentation about, our advocacy effort borne from Haliburton Highlands Health Services’ (HHHS) closure of the Emergency Department (ED) in Minden,…

  • We must overhaul how Ontario’s hospitals are governed. Our lives depend on it.

    This op ed originally appeared on The reckless and rapid closure of the Minden emergency department with barely six-weeks’ notice and no stakeholder consultation is a microcosm of what’s happening across our province and nation. In an interview with CTV National News correspondent Heather Butts, Alan Drummond, co-chair of the Canadian Association of Emergency…

  • I can hear Minden’s heartbeat

    The closure of the Minden ED had a greater impact on my emotional well-being than the global pandemic.  Let that sink in. The amount of fear, anxiety, disbelief, despair, anger, and sadness that walked through the door, client after client, was – and often still is – overwhelming.

  • visits Fort Erie

    Our team drove down to Fort Erie on July 5th to show our support in opposition of NHS reducing their UCC hours.